Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My New Mother Hen

Kelly Cutrone's new book If you have to Cry Go Outside-and other things your mother never told you, is a book that I could not put down from the time I cracked it open in Borders yesterday, to only a few moments ago when I turned over the very last page. I felt as though she were speaking to me personally as she recounted her arrival to New York city, seeking her "tribal council", and shares advice for those anxious to be successful in fashion and in life. This collection of her personal and professional stories are surprising, empowering, and touched this young fashion hopeful to the core. This is an excellent book for someone who's feeling out of place or incomplete in there current situation, as Kelly shares sassy straight forward advice from a real "fashion bitch" who has lived through all her wild life lessons.


Britty Bird

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