Monday, May 17, 2010

The "Rare Bird of Fashion"

Okay, I have to mention this book I discovered yesterday while browsing around Barnes and Noble yesterday afternoon. The title "Rare Bird of Fashion" was magnetic to me- naturally, but I never could have predicted the wild 1960's couture and jewels within. AAHMAZING! All hail Iris the fashion stylist!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My New Mother Hen

Kelly Cutrone's new book If you have to Cry Go Outside-and other things your mother never told you, is a book that I could not put down from the time I cracked it open in Borders yesterday, to only a few moments ago when I turned over the very last page. I felt as though she were speaking to me personally as she recounted her arrival to New York city, seeking her "tribal council", and shares advice for those anxious to be successful in fashion and in life. This collection of her personal and professional stories are surprising, empowering, and touched this young fashion hopeful to the core. This is an excellent book for someone who's feeling out of place or incomplete in there current situation, as Kelly shares sassy straight forward advice from a real "fashion bitch" who has lived through all her wild life lessons.


Britty Bird

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The little Ring that Sings

Although this pretty little bird can't speak, this golden ring by BCBG is definitely a conversation piece. It's a super fun, and colorful addition to any jewelry collection. This ring is available on, for $28.00.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Love Dove

Pronovias is an 85 year old bridal company based in Barcelona, Spain, and my favorite bridal brand because of their variety, and outstanding quality. The Farandula is embelleshed with thousands of dainty feathers cascading down this strapless mermaid gown creating a dramatic, yet still flattering, and fluttering silhouette- perfect for the Britty Bird bride. The Farandula is one of the many gorgeous, and affordable gowns from the Pronovias 2011 Dreams collection.

These gowns will be premiering in Barcelona in the annual fashion show and buying event in June, that will not be shipped and available in stores to try on until the end of this year around Christmas. Hem and Her bridal is the exclusive provider of Pronovias gowns in Tucson, aswell as the stores listed on the official webpage. Get a sneak peak of the 2011 gowns on

Monday, May 3, 2010

Britty Bird Design House

This is a Britty Bird Year of the Dragon mermaid gown custom designed for Ashley Bell.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Item of the Week: BCBG tape measure

Adorable and discreet tape measure from on, and possible birthday gift for this blogger.
Available in silver and red for $10.00.

Fabric Finder: Tyvek

I've discovered the existence of a really edgy fabric called Tyvek made in Korea. I've never seen this in person but I suspect this is what Vivienne Westwood was using in her Fall 2010 line. It has the sheen of a garbage bag and makes hot Trashion (I smooshed fashion and trash). If anyone has more information on this textile, please write me.

Feather Finder

Feathers are essential to me as a designer. I use them for trimming or embellishing a garment, interior decoration and well...just for fun sometimes. But quality plumage is not always easy to find in this city. When I need feathers I use the online store She sells pads, trims, and loose feathers, and provides free next day shipping that usually arrives with a free feather and thank you note. Surprisingly I've also found an assortment of ostrich and peacock feathers at Tucson Thrift Shop on 4th Ave for a fair cost.

The Bird Bath

I thought I should provide some designer swimsperation for the upcoming Tucson heatwave. I'm in love with all things Zac Posen this week!

I'm a one piece girl and these suits are designer collectors items both for under $40.00
Zac Posen for Target. (Below)- Tie dye multicolor V-Neck onepiece
(Above)- One piece gold/black halter.

The Bird Watcher

I this is a weekly segment featuring the latest fashion bird sitings. This week a teal ostrich feather Zac Posen jacket flew into my view on The berry colored side cowl draped pant and the floral print shirt sing a sweet sweet duet together.

Thank you